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  • 22-12-2022

Why you Need to Pack your Bags and Go to Fiji

Why you Need to Pack your Bags and Go to Fiji

Fiji is a tropical oasis situated in the Southeast Pacific Ocean. For anyone out there who is feeling geographically challenged by that, Fiji is close to New Zealand, meaning it is close to Australia.

It would be a severe disservice to yourself if you are located in the Southern Hemisphere to not visit Fiji at least once in your lifetime. I myself am pretty ashamed that it has taken me 23 years of existence to step foot on Fijian land, home to probably the happiest and most humble people I have encountered in my lifetime.


Some of the Best Snorkelling in the World

Fiji is made up of some 330 islands, making for ample opportunities to snorkel your way around crystal clear turquoise waters and view the colourful reef marine life. Of course you can also dive if that tickles your fancy.



Hanging upside down while you glide through lush green forests? Sure, why not. They have that here in Fiji. But why stop there? There’s so much to do in Fiji with the hot sunny days that seem to last longer the more you jam-pack into them. From water sports to on-shore excursions, there’s so much to do whilst you visit Fiji. Some of my favourite activities included stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, jet-skiing, zip-lining, and so much more.


“Fiji Time”

Let me introduce you to a little concept the Fijian people like to call… Fiji time. Its the island way of living. Forget the schedule or arrange itinerary, in fact, you’d better forget the concept of time altogether. Fijians like to do things without care or regard for the time, day, or even week. Things just… flow…


The fresh fruit is out of this world

Coconuts for breakfast…. coconuts for lunch…. coconuts for dinner…. dreaming of coconuts all night…. Oh yeah, baby! Coconuts.


Some of the Happiest, Friendliest locals in the world

“BULA!”, Fiji’s most audible phrase is the local’s way of meeting and greeting anyone that steps within a few feet radius. Honestly, you will find it hard to find someone who doesn’t smile and wave to welcome you “home” to their island.


To Appreciate Nature in its Purest Form

Fiji was for a long time, an untouched paradise. While the Western World has now well and truly made its way to Fiji, there are still so many parts of the country (having over 330 islands does help) that are completely untouched, giving you the chance to appreciate nature in its purest form. Whilst staying at The Royal Davui private island resort I swam with the marine wildlife, sifted through shells on the empty beach, and watched as the resort staff gathered coconuts to make their own coconut cream. It was delightful.


To Give Back

While the Fijian economy has come a long way over the years passed, there are still many families in remote villages living with very little. Although I didn’t have the chance to work on a program during this visit, I was fortunate enough to spend a day with these happy little humans who welcome donations and visitors to “give back” to their livelihood. Never have I felt more humbled by the happiness of those around me as I did on this day. There are many programs worth looking into, here’s a starting point to contribute to remote villages on the islands.


To sit back, relax, and enjoy island life

If there’s one thing Fijians know better than anyone else, its how to live a life of enjoyment. You’ll never catch a local without a smile on their face, a warm and welcoming “Bula” or even inviting you into their home like an old friend. The best thing to do in Fiji is to switch off from ‘reality’ and enjoy the slow and steady pace of island life.

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